Experiences of past lives

What follows is one of my clients experience of past lives and the past life regression used to uncover the deeper meaning to a recurring dream. During the past life recall and at the end of that life it became apparent that the soul had become fragmented and a part had remained in the location. Soul retrieval techniques were carried out to release the lost soul fragment as part of the past life regression healing process.

Carrie's past life experience

I have had a regression carried out by Martin, and these are my recollections about it. Regressive hypnotherapy is something I have always had an interest in, and was something I was keen to try out, but I didn’t get round to it until I was in my ‘30’s. I do have a strong belief in reincarnation, but was unsure whether I would get anything out of regression. For years, I experienced recurring dreams about a house, and though the same thing would happen in that dream, I could never get any further with it, and wondered if it was a memory of a previous life.

Prior to the first session, Martin asked me various questions, both about me and my general mental attitudes, and also about what I expected to get from the session. He was honest and made it clear that I possibly won’t get anything, and that it doesn’t work for everyone. He warned me that not all people can be sufficiently relaxed enough to allow it to happen, and asked me if I had any concerns. I was keen to start the session and had no worries at all – as far as I was concerned, whatever happens will happen, and I was unsure of what to expect.

After making myself comfortable, Martin started the relaxation techniques. As I listened to his voice I relaxed into the sofa and mentally visualised the scenes he was setting. I conjured up my imaginary safe place, which for me was a beautiful garden with a bench. Martin instructed me to imagine the scene in more and more detail until it became so vivid I could almost smell the flowers.

I remember then descending down a staircase, with Martin telling me to relax deeper with every step. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, my limbs and body felt as heavy as lead, and my mind was totally relaxed. This is an odd sensation, but not at all unpleasant. It feels rather like that place you go to just before you fall asleep.

I was under hypnosis at this point, and though I physically felt completely relaxed, I was still aware of Martins voice, and even some household sounds like creaking floorboards and traffic outside. These sounds didn’t bother me though, and mentally my brain just dismissed them as being unimportant. Martins voice became the only focus for me while I was in this place, and though I felt mentally submissive to the voice, I was also aware that if he had given me any instruction which I was not happy with, I would have been able to resist. This is a mind state that I have never experienced in any other situation, and is very difficult to describe.

We then began a mental journey which would attempt to unlock some undiscovered treasures – and I wasn’t disappointed! After using some brief techniques to get me to place myself in a personal time and location, I was surprised to find myself in the body of another woman. Martin asked me to look down at my feet, then draw my eyes up and describe what I was wearing. I had finely made embroidered shoes and a long taffeta dress, and my name was Cecilia.

With further questioning, I was able to discuss my life as Cecilia, and my real life husband (who was sitting in on the session) was surprised to hear me talk in a different dialect and inflection. I had no control over this, but it happened naturally. At this point my own consciousness felt almost like a bystander, watching a film plot unfold, and it was fascinating!


Cecilia had a privileged life in a large mansion in Wiltshire. Her father was a banker and her mother had died when Cecilia was young. Naturally, her father wanted the best for her and was horrified when Cecilia fell in love with a young man who was beneath her in social standing. The man was sent away by her father, and he never knew that Cecilia was carrying his child. Cecilia confided in the cook, who was a benevolent figure that I felt very drawn to, as her father was not concerned about the feelings of his daughter – just about the effect it had on their social standing.

One day, in the early stages of pregnancy, Cecilia, who was aged 19, started to descend one of the two staircases in the house. The newel posts and banisters were thick carved oak, and the stairs were split into a dogleg, leading to the marble foyer below. The carpet was mainly red, and of a woven design, but did not meet the edges of the steps, and there was about a 3 inch gap at each side of the carpet.

This was all very vivid to me. I recalled how she was at the top of the steps and her shoe became entangled in her long skirt. What happened next was quick, but she toppled over the banister and fell to the floor below. The large post at the bottom of the staircase broke her fall and broke her back. She fell to the marble floor.

Being Cecilia, I remember the feeling of lying on the cold marble. I remember being alive, but the life ebbing out of me. I heard words of shock as I was discovered, then a few moments of nothingness. When my consciousness (as Cecilia) returned, my father was there and the main door was open. Outside, some of the staff were there with a wagon, and I knew that they were going to put me on that wagon and take me somewhere for help.

They didn’t attempt to pick me up off the floor, and I felt hands going around my legs as they pulled me across the marble. The most wonderful sensation happened as they did so – I felt like a banana being peeled, with my moving body just coming away from my consciousness, and my consciousness being left behind in that foyer. I knew I had died and watched my body being put on the cart. There was a great sense of peace and this was not traumatic in the least.

At this point Martin asked me where my consciousness was now and I was able to say that it was still within that house. He then used techniques to free that consciousness and allow it to move on. To do this, I had to face my father, but I was rather scared of him and had to imagine him as a small, harmless animal – a bit of a strange thing to do, but it worked! I told him how I had felt (I was still Cecilia during this procedure) and how I had hated him for sending away the man I had loved. He asked forgiveness and I gave it.

Next, I needed to be reunited with my lost baby. She was bought to me by the cook, who placed her in my arms. While this was happening, my real life body was crying copiously (and I am actually filling up while I am writing this!), it was beyond any conscious choice I had made, and I had no idea where it had come from, but I let it happen.

Martin then asked if I was ready to go and be with my baby, and I said that I was. He asked me to follow cook into the light and let it envelope me. This was a soothing sensation and after passing into the light I felt that Cecilia had left me.

Martin started to slowly raise my consciousness levels to bring me out of the session. I remember returning to my garden bench and climbing a set of stairs quite quickly. As I climbed, I felt the heaviness leave my limbs and my consciousness return to the room. Coming out of hypnosis is much quicker than going into it.

Once awake I felt like I had slept for 8 hours and was surprised not only by how refreshed I felt, but also by how incredibly positive and content I felt. We had a small discussion about the hypnosis and I felt it had gone really well. I also learnt from my husband that he had become visibly upset when I mentioned the cook, and he felt some connection to her. We discussed the possibility that he may well have been the cook in a previous incarnation of his own, which was quite a comforting thought.