Peter Ramster Documentary

The case of Rose Duncan

Peter Ramster a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, film maker and published author based in Sydney Australia. For over 35 years Peter has conducted research on the unconscious mind. In 1983 he produced a remarkable documentary for television on the use of hypnotic regression. In the documentary four women from Sydney, who had never previously been outside of Australia, gave detailed accounts of life times in western European countries. In 1981 Peter Ramster visited the locations across Europe described by the four women and researched with local historians the names dates and details they have given while under hypnotic regression in an attempt to verify the details as accurate information. Village and hamlets names given where found hard to validate but with further research some of the names appeared on old maps. Once the general location had been identified each of the women were brought over to Europe to see if they could recognise anything from the locations that the historical researchers believed may have been the area that they had talked about

I remember watching this documentary when it first aired on British television and I must admit it was one influential factor in later years in my pursuit of my own research as a past life regression therapist.

One of the most striking cases was that of a lady called Gwen McDonald who recalled the name of Rose Duncan who had lives in Somerset, England during the 18th century. While under hypnosis in Sydney she described details in England that appeared to be correct when the research was conducted. The investigation of the McDonald case during the making of the documentary in England was witnessed by Dr. Bail Cottle of Bristol University

Rose Duncan...Part 1

Rose Duncan...Part 2 & 3